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Maybe post a link to your new blog?

I posted a link to my new blog a few days ago though, but here you go :D



I made a drawing, because I got really pissed off with some posts I saw on here.
Body shaming is never okay. It’s not okay to shame on bigger girls, but it’s not okay to shame on skinny girls either. Believe it or not, but some of us really can’t help being skinny, me included. You think I didn’t wish I had bigger boobs, fuller hips and a round bum? Really? I get that it’s not easy for big girls in our society but it’s not easy for us skinny girls either. You can make clear that everyone is beautiful by just saying that. You don’t have to constantly rub it in that “guys only like girls with curves” because that’s really hurtful to girls who aren’t blessed with nice curves. Don’t replace fat shaming with skinny shaming. Stop body shaming. Body shaming is never okay.

Hii guys, could you all go check out my new blog? :D

I’m so crazy about this song atm.

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Chocolaty Melting Snowmen: Use homemade frosting, peanut butter cups, and candies to add a cute snowman topper to a chewy chocolate cookie.

life isn’t that easy, honey 


I always get attached to everyone and no one gets attached to me so I always just feel dumb


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Animated Candy Cane